Free Music


Your Grace; That holy mountain; Bestiar Netlabel

Recorded in Barcelona at Freeze Studies
Mixed by Juanpe Barroso and Carles Puntí (Wasabi Estudis) in 2015

Martha Wood – Bass/ Voice
Eugeni Pulido – Guitar
Oriol Planells: Drums, percussion
David Osanz : Guitar
Xavier Paradis: Keyboards

*Xesus Rodriguez (Pipes, whistle and Long whistle)


Your Grace is a musical project that born from the desire
to integrate ancient philosophy, alchemy and the hermetic of nowadays music.
Indeed, It is a contemplative journey through the universe of human passions.
A trip to get hold of ancestral rhythms and harmonies
without neglecting heavier sounds and powerful rock.

Bestiar/Ref. 194 / YOUR GRACE (2015)


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