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The missing watermelon; Ecotone; Bestiar Netlabel

The Missing Watermelon proudly releases their first LP, composed, produced and recorded over the last few years of the band before its dissolution

This is a conceptual album which invites the listener to be the witness of a character’s journey across different stages in their life. From a very dark and monochromatic emotional state to the awakening and acceptance that life will always present its ups and downs. By the concept of an Ecotone the album intends to represent the journey of this character across different biomes (or emotional states)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Akrasonic Productions (Hospitalet de Llobregat) by Mariano Toledano

Dani Balcells – electric, acoustic & classical guitars, vocals, bass (on track 6) and lyrics (on tracks 2 & 3)
Albert Pérez – bass, electric guitar (on track 6) and lyrics (on tracks 6 & 7)
Valeri Bombardó – drums, piano, synthetizers, organ and lyrics (on tracks 1, 4, 5 & 7)

Narék Mnatsakanyan – keyboards (on track 4)
Manaswi Mishra – spoken word (on track 4)

Mariano Toledano – production, egineering, recording, mixing and mastering

Athina Kilpeläinen – artwork

All tracks composed and produced by The Missing Watermelon

Bestiar/Ref. 221 / THE MISSING WATERMELON (2020)

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